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Our Model

The Freiburg Success Factors

Our Model

Which factors effect increased success in coaching and leadership? What can you do to achieve the aimed objectives with your coaching or in your teams?

Our studies show that it only needs seven central factors to support people successfully:

Your behavior should

  1. provide clear guidance
  2. foster cooperation and
  3. activate resources

Theoretically speaking functional behavior patterns of counterparts are (1) clearly guided towards common goals, (2) integrated due to cooperation and (3) are activated. This leads to the effect that your teams or coachees have (4) an enhanced understanding, (5) strengthened motivation and (6) improved action competence (refer to the action-theoretical Rubicon model of Heckhausen for more theoretical background). In order that your meetings and coaching sessions leave a lasting impression, (7) memorable experiences should be stimulated. Prof. Grawe calls this “process activation”.

For you as practitioner it is important to decide, what you want to focus on: Figuratively speaking, you can multiply by applying behavior-oriented interventions, by effect-oriented interventions you can only add. If you succeed as manager to strengthen the positive behaviors and the motivation of your team with well-directed esteem, then your team provides, for example, 10% more input, i.e. you have multiplied the overall output with 110%. However, when you focus on the effect level and e.g. bring in two new ideas as member of the team, you are only adding your contribution to the team’s contribution. Accordingly, currently existing studies that examine real behavior show a relatively clear picture: The best managers distinguish themselves from other good managers mostly due to more effective behavior-oriented procedures. In coaching this difference was even clearer: Strongly effect-oriented interventions by the coach often caused resistance and had no positive effect on the success of coaching.

In summary, this means:

With effective behaviors in building relations the best managers and coaches achieve that their counterparts actively take charge of upcoming topics and are more successful in finding solutions. We support you to develop your personal competence in this aspect.