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International Leadership Study

International leadership study

Very promising evaluation results from the pilot project 2013: Almost 40 international managers changed their daily leadership behavior in line with the Freiburg Success Factors and achieved significantly improved project results!

The present leadership study is one of only a few scientific research projects that can prove a significant improvement of key company figures due to a leadership development program. Furthermore, the study is one of only a few highly challenging field experiments and the only research methodology that can guarantee a high external and internal validity. In other words, this research approach captivates with its realistic implementation in the field (external validity) and simultaneously with a scientifically highly reliable estimation of the training effect (internal validity). A reliable estimation of the training effect is ensured by selecting 50% of the participants at random that receive the training earlier than the other participants. If the participants that were selected at random and received an early training are more successful than the other participants that are not yet trained, then the increase in success can be assigned to the training with very high reliability in scientific terms. This is precisely what the present study shows.