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Coaching Study

Coaching study

We recorded 36 coaching sessions on video and evaluated their success in detail. Peter Behrendt’s study was the first international scientific study that researched the actual behavior of coaches by means of video recordings and evaluated its correlation with the coaching success systematically. Due to its particularly substantiated scientific approach and yet very realistic implementation, the study received, even 7 years after its publication, an award at the German Coaching Prize 2012 as one of the three best scientific studies.

The study proved that coaches that (1) provide clear guidance, (2) strongly foster cooperation and (3) intensely activate resources were clearly more successful with their coaching. The coachees’ rates of successful implementations were clearly higher in these cases (refer to the graph). Their goal achievement increased by up to 25% compared to their self-determined goals. Encouraged by successful first sessions, the coachees were also much more motivated and focused in the following sessions. The foundation for fruitful cooperation was build.

* The above illustrates the results of the individual sessions (dots) and the predicted success of implementation (regression line) on the basis of partial correlations (with statistical control of the implementation difficulty).