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The Institute


The Freiburg Institute...

  • Combines practical expert consulting with scientific knowledge in the field of management development and coaching. It was founded and is managed by Peter Behrendt.
  • Develops innovative methods such as video-based success profiles (an advanced 3600 feedback) for verifiable improvements in practice.
  • Is a team of competent trainers, coaches and business psychologists that provides individual and application-oriented support.
  • Implements an international management development program that is scientifically-founded and which received excellent feedback: Success Factors of Leadership for Project Managers.
  • Has developed a success factor model for coaching, which was awarded the German Coaching Prize in 2012 as one of the three best scientific concepts.

You benefit from...

  • Scientifically substantiated trainings and coaching: You learn about the most successful strategies in leadership and coaching and how to apply them.
  • Video-based success profiles for managers and coaches: You receive detailed feedback on how to align your behavior for more success.
  • Scientific evaluations of your trainings, coachings and coaching courses: We evaluate the effect of your programs with scientific methods.

Our work...

  • Is resource-oriented: We develop your strengths!
  • Is practice-oriented and individual: We combine your practical work with our scientific knowledge!
  • Is scientifically substantiated: We direct your focus on what proves to be effective!