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German Coaching Award 2014

The Freiburg Development Program for managers was honored in 2014 for its excellent scientific foundation at the German Coaching Prize 2014 of the DBVC (Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching, Germany’s largest Coaching Association,). Since 2012 the Freiburg Institute was honored with the most renowned German prize for coaching for the second time in a row. The development program convinces particularly due to:

  • the comprehensive evaluation based on strict scientific evaluation methods – amongst others: experimental randomizing, measuring of objective result criteria, measuring of objective behavior changes by means of video analysis and statistical multi-level analysis
  • the clear improvement in the behavior of managers
  • the significant and sustainable improvement in goal achievements, measured with the KPIs of the respective projects, one and three months after the training
  • the well-founded theoretical concept of the Freiburg Success Factors
  • the extremely positive assessments from the direct feedback of participants


Deutscher Coachingpreis 2014