Winning Personality

German Coaching Award 2012

The Freiburg Success Factor Model was awarded with the German Coaching Prize 2012 of the DBVC (biggest German Association of Coaching) as one of the three best scientific concepts. The price was awarded by a jury of 10 people, all renowned professors, researchers and experts in that field. Outstanding assets of the award-winning coaching study are:

  • a methodical, very substantiated and realistic approach, especially due to the detailed and objective analyses of the coach behavior based on video recordings as well as a systematic follow-up of the realized change in the coachees‘ daily work
  • good theoretical embedding and foundation, especially due to the success factor model
  • interdisciplinary neutrality that puts the emphasis on general success factors rather than on school-of-thought-specific ideologies


Photo of the jury and award winners 2012 (Peter Behrendt: fourth from the left in the back row)